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Two Weeks in Arivaca?

"Come stay with me in Arivaca for just 2 weeks!" That was the request from a good friend one year ago. In truth, all it took was just 2 days for me to completely fall in love with the Village, the Valley and especially the People.

I arrived on a Wednesday. The Music and Memories Festival (aka The Hippie Festival) happened to be that weekend. It was there that I learned about Arivaca Human Resource from Rick Vogel, the Board President. Rick shared with me the amazing history and service that AHR provides; the daily hot meal program, the food pantry, the energy assistance, being a resource center for this beautiful historic Village. I explained how I had been the Director of several nonprofits with similar services and commended him for serving the community as I understood first hand the importance of these programs.

I asked him if I could volunteer...he promptly said "No!" Taken aback...I asked "why not?" And his response changed the direction of my life. "We don't need you to volunteer...we want to hire you!"

This photo was taken one year later, at the exact spot where we first met.

It is a pleasure and an honor serving as the Executive Director for AHR. Coming from a gypsy life of moving over 50 times in 30 years, I have found my forever home.

The Board, Staff and Volunteers TOGETHER have made huge milestones for AHR and our Village this past year, here just a few:

  • New Energy and Vision for the Future (new logo/slogan/mission & vision statement)

  • Four new board members

  • Vision of Plaza de la Amistad as a place of Friendship and Connection

  • Opening of the new Village Thrift Shoppe

  • Preservation and renovation of our historic office building (repair, new wall, paint)

  • Support and grants received from amazing Partners and Donors that believe in our Vision.

  • New HVAC system installed at our offices

  • Instigated a Year Round Giving Tree

  • In partnership with Pima County brought the following to our Village for free: yoga, kettle bell, senior trips, concerts, events, gatherings, socialization and support.

Most Importantly:

  • 20,781 Meals Prepared

  • 555 Food Boxes Given

  • Over 40,000 pounds of food utilized and dispersed into our community

  • 3,600+ Volunteer Hours (over 300 hours/month)

Arivaca Human Resource truly is "The Heart of Arivaca". Our impact reaches beyond those that receive our humanitarian assistance...our goal is to make sure ALL who live in our beautiful Village feel Valued and Supported!

THANK YOU Rick and the AHR Board for giving me a chance to find my "home" and make a difference. THANK friend for offering me to stay for "just two weeks".

And the Beat Goes On...


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