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Plaza de la Amistad

Creating a Community of Connection

Even though Arivaca is a remote community, it is full of life and activity.  Each weekend our little town transforms into a tourist community with visitors coming from Tucson and other areas of Arizona and beyond to experience our historic border town.  A thriving farmer’s market brings in vendors and produce from our local community garden and local artists and craftsman.  Art galleries and small shops welcome visitors and showcase area talent.  The Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge surrounding our town welcomes birders, hikers and hunters.

However, due to lack of a park and seating, it is very common to see a group of bicyclists resting on the ground outside our local mercantile after riding the 30-mile twisting road into town.  Farmer’s market attendees have nowhere to rest and enjoy the goodies they have purchased or simply to just sit and visit with neighbors. 

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Our AHR office is located on Main Street that runs through the center of town.  Across from our facility is an ideal lot for a small town "pocket park".  On the land stands an adobe wall that was built in the late 1800’s.  Each year more of the wall is lost to the elements as the mud-bricked walls return little-by-little to the earth from where they came.  AHR has secured a 10 year lease to create a community gathering place and visitor destination.  Our intention is to landscape the lot, preserve the adobe walls, groom the beautiful mesquite trees, host beautiful pollinator gardens, outdoor art creations, place shaded benches and tables for seating, and visiting. Most importantly create a peaceful space where residents and visitors alike can rest an connect to each other and nature.

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