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Uncharitable - Interesting Perspective

Dan Pallotta boldly claims that "the way we think about charity is dead wrong". His TED talk from a over a decade ago has received almost 25 millions views on YouTube. (

In less than 20 minutes Dan brilliantly takes you on a journey that challenges the way we think about charities. As a representative of a small nonprofit, I can attest to the accuracy of his enlightening speech. I recently sent this link to our Board of Directors here at AHR. Several members voiced their surprise and confessed that the speech most definitively changed their ideas about the nonprofit world. Maybe you too can be enlightened.

Instead of giving a summary of his video...I encourage the reader to take a moment to watch. And as you watch, please remember all of the grassroots, small (but mighty) community serviced nonprofits in our world. These are people who work diligently trying to better the lives of your neighbors and communities.

In March 2024, Mr. Pallotta released a full documentary movie that was shown in select theaters nationwide. It challenges you to "...unthink everything you know about change." You can watch a trailer and learn more at:

And, since I'm sharing's a lighthearted one that will have you giggling, shaking your head and (hopefully) seeing us small nonprofits in a new light. Those of us small nonprofit executives who are trying to "pay the bills" are very aware of how close this scenario hits home.

What if Pizza Shops were funded like Human Services Nonprofits?

I hope you take the time to watch these enlightening videos. Whether your a philanthropist, a potential donor, or just someone interesting in learning how you can be a part of helping nonprofits serve communities...I hope these give you a glimpse on how to better understand the nonprofit world.

"The next time you're looking at a charity, don't ask about the rate of their overhead; ask about the scale of their dreams - their Apple-, Google-, Amazon-scale dreams - how they measure their progress toward those dreams, and what resources they need to make them come true, regardless of what the overhead is." (-Dan Pallotta)

And the Beat Goes On...

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