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Celebrate Arivaca!

The first annual Celebrate Arivaca Day was an absolute HIT! I wish we could have had a count of how many visitors attended...all I know is that Main Street running through town was packed! Our new Village Thrift Shoppe kicked off the day with a ribbon cutting at 9:00am. Arizona Senator Rosanne Gabaldon and her husband, Arturo were there to be some of our first shoppers.

We had a great variety of resource tables set up behind our offices where Villagers could discover all about the wonderful organizations that are here to support them.

Then at noon we all headed across the street for the second ribbon cutting of the day. Our New Town Park name was revealed as "Plaza de la Amistad" (Plaza of Friends). A film crew was there, and they released a wonderful video describing the Plaza that can be seen on YouTube. WATCH VIDEO

The Green Valley News posted a fantastic article on the days events that can be VIEWED HERE

A group of Arivaca HR Board Members and Staff ended our day at La Gitana enjoying drinks while listening to live music and possibly even dancing a time or two. :) Toasting Arivaca and our amazing community!

As I went home that day feeling an equal amount of exhaustion and exuberance, I couldn't help but be in awe of our Village of Arivaca. I sat in my little home remembering the smiles, the hugs, the laughter of Arivaca Villagers and Visitors mingling together. For a moment or two we were all caught up in the awesomeness of Celebrating our rural town, and sharing it together, Hopefully our Village Visitors left with a sprinkle of Arivaca Joy to take back to their own communities and families.

Here's to Celebrating Arivaca Now and Always!


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