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Plaza de la Amistad / Latest News

Oct 21st Community Meeting Notes: 

COMING SOON - a summary of what we discussed at the community meeting on Oct 21st.

Plaza de la Amistad / FAQ's

How is the park getting funded?

AHR received a generous grant from Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation as the initial funding for the park.  We are applying for several grants in hopes having enough funding to complete our first phase of design and preparation by Spring 2024.  We also accept personal donations that can be specifically designated as "Park Funds".

Will there be a wall/fence around the park?

At this time, it looks like we will be placing a split rail fence around the park.  This is a traditional fence that many historic homes and building have in our area.

Will there be public restrooms?

Yes, our plan is to have portable toilets towards the back of the park near a service entrance.  These will be serviced weekly and housed in an eye pleasing historic adobe structure.

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