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2024 - Loving Others...

As we start a New Year, my thoughts are going to a Christmas Message that was shared by Bob Hope many years ago. (For those of us who remember him.) He simply stated: “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

We had a Giving Tree with ornaments that represented select AHR Clients that needed a little something to make sure they were remembered this holiday. On these were written their "wish list". Some requests were humbling, "I have all I need, I wish for love and blessings to us all." Some requests were amusing, "A funny photo of Bill O'Reilly". All were heart felt and thankful.

And Arivacan's answered the call. Each and every ornament was taken and and returned with a beautiful bag/box of presents. Which we then delivered to each individual. For those that adopted a client, I hope you know that your service made someone smile, and most wonderfully, it showed love and compassion. You were/are appreciated. what? A new year has started. The "warm fuzzies" of the holiday are over. Festive lights and decorations are being taken down. Christmas Trees are being put away.

...but NOT at HR!

If you come into our office, you'll still see our humble "Giving Tree" in the lobby. It will be permanent fixture throughout 2024 and beyond. On this tree we will place special needs, emergency needs, or even someone who may just need a prayer or a good vibe sent their way. All with the intention of Loving Others not just one time a year...but always.

Whether you are Christian or not, you've probably know the scripture where Jesus says, "Love your enemies..."

Reading that brings to mind a question..."who are my enemies?" A wise mentor of mine once answered that question. "An enemy is simply someone that you do not understand."

So, with that definition in mind, let's reread the scripture: "Love those you do not understand..."

Arivaca Human Resource is honored and blessed to serve wonderful people in our wonderful community. We are doing our best to "love others"...yes, even those that "we do not understand." Please join us in 2024 as we bring Love to Arivaca ALL YEAR LONG!

Peace and Love, and the Heart Beats On and On...


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