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A community where every citizen feels valued and supported. 


Empowering individuals toward health, well-being, and stability by providing essential quality-of life services and resources.


AHR was founded in 1988 for the purpose of fighting hunger and poverty in the rural community of Arivaca, AZ.  With a diverse population of 900 residents, many of whom are elderly, disabled and dependent on low-incomes for survival, the need for nutritious and well-balanced meals in Arivaca was a driving force behind AHR’s formation.


From food to fun, we offer many services to the wonderful community of Arivaca.  The foundation of our services was built on food distribution.  From daily meals to food boxes.  However we also provide utility assistance and emergency aid.  Our services also include sponsoring community events from arts & crafts to dancing.


We are grateful for the support of individuals, businesses, and organizations who believe in the work we are doing and provide financial support. Join us in our quest to improve the lives of our neighbors by providing them with nourishment and the support and resources they need to become self-sustaining.

Get Involved

Many hands make light work!  We invite you to join us by volunteering your time and talents, and being rewarded with the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you are making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. And you’ll likely make some new friends as well.

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